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Cataract Evaluation

Although it is possible to see cataracts in your eyes, this milky white appearance that covers the pupil only starts to show when cataracts are in advanced stages. When cataracts first start to develop in your eyes, you probably won’t even be aware anything is happening to your vision. There won’t be any outward physical changes to your eyes.  

Regular eye exams are great at helping to identify the presence of protein build-up on your eye lenses (cataracts) – even when you can’t see them. If you are good about keeping your eye exam appointments, your doctor will be able to monitor the cataract development and let you know when treatment is necessary.

However, if you are over age 60 and it’s been a long time since you’ve had an eye exam, it is probably wise to schedule a Cataract Evaluation with our team at Azul Vision. During this visit, our team will dilate your eyes in order to perform a comprehensive check of your eye health. Our team will: 

  • Look for signs of protein build-up on your eye lens
  • Check your vision prescription and refractive error
  • Assess your retinal health (the back of your eye)
  • Perform a glaucoma test to measure your eye pressure
  • Test your visual acuity

Even if we do find signs of cataracts in one or both of your eyes, the location and severity of the cataracts may not be impeding your vision. If that is the case, we may recommend that you wait to have cataract surgery. Many people can go about their daily lives without cataracts interfering with their ability to drive, read, work and have fun. We don’t want you to ignore the fact that you have cataracts: it will be important to have the condition closely monitored so we can treat them when the time is right. You can do that by having regular eye exams with us.

You’re Not Alone in This Journey

We understand that a cataract diagnosis can be scary. We will remind you that this is a very common vision condition and cataract surgery is very effective at restoring clear vision. Our entire team will do everything possible to help you understand what’s really going on with your eye health. We will explain your treatment options in great detail and we can even share information with your loved ones if you need help making a decision. We’re here for you!  

We hope you will stay proactive with your eye health and let our team assess your vision. You can always expect to receive honest information from our team. Then you can decide how you want to proceed.  

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