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What Happens at My LASIK Consultation?

The LASIK Consultation is one of the most important steps in your LASIK journey. At Azul Vision, we offer free LASIK Consultations for anyone interested in LASIK. This is time we designate just for you – to not only confirm your candidacy for this popular procedure but also to answer your questions about LASIK.

During the Consultation, our team will perform many different (painless) tests on your eyes to assess things like:

  • The thickness of your cornea (if your cornea is too thin, a LASIK alternative might be recommended)
  • The overall health of your eyes (if you have severe dry eye or an eye disease, LASIK might not be suitable for you)
  • Your refractive error (if your prescription is extremely high, we might not recommend LASIK)

We will also assess your medical history to identify any conditions (such as autoimmune disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) that might affect the outcome of your LASIK procedure.

Throughout this appointment, we will do our best to explain all of the many details about LASIK. However, you may come up with your own questions – and that’s great! We encourage you to ask away – no question is off limits. From the cost of the procedure to safety concerns to our doctors’ experience and track record of success…we will honestly answer all of your questions.

We also understand that many people want to think about the procedure before moving forward. You may want to take time to talk to your family, get your finances in order or ask other people about their LASIK experiences. This is all good. We won’t pressure you to move forward – the decision has to be yours. However, you might want to know that a comment we hear very often from our LASIK patients is, “I wish I had done it sooner!”  

Remember: our LASIK Consultation is free so there is really no risk in setting an appointment. Our team is here for you!

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