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Face Down Recovery

After certain types of retinal procedures, it is important that you give your eyes the best conditions for full recovery. Unfortunately, this may require you to keep your head in a constant face down position for several weeks after the treatment – as you stand, walk, sit, eat and sleep. You will also be advised to not fly in an airplane during your recovery time.

During a vitrectomy procedure, for example, the vitreous gel inside your eye is removed so your doctor has access to the retina. After any problems with the retina have been treated, the hollow space in your eye may be filled with a gas bubble. This process alone will not fix certain retinal problems – your eyes will need time to reattach retinal tissue, repair a retinal tear and refill the gas bubble with your body’s own natural fluids. If your head is raised upright, there will be too much pressure inside your eyes and the procedure will be unsuccessful.

Ways to Remain Face Down

Maintaining a face down position may see like an impossibility. But luckily there are different types of equipment that you can rent or buy to make the process a little more comfortable.

  • Massage tables and face down pillows can be used for sleeping
  • Face cradles designed for tabletop use can be used for eating
  • Mirrors can be used with face down equipment to see other people, the TV, etc.
  • Face down chairs can be adjusted for your frame

Check with your insurance provider to see if the cost of these items might be covered. Our team can help you learn ways to cope during this recovery period. It is of the utmost importance that you follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to get the best results from your procedure.

If you are experiencing any type of vision problem, please don’t ignore your symptoms. Early diagnosis, treatment and proper recovery could save your eyesight.

Stay proactive with your eye health.

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